Double Ombre Blonde to Teal

Hey All, So a client of mine in the salon came in with a picture from Pinterest.   She wanted a colour that faded from Blonde to Teal. She has an asian background, so her colour that she started with was pretty dark. For all of the stylists out there, she started with a level 3-4. 

I did the usual technique where you backcomb the hair then apply the colour on the ends. This will create a softer effect in the hair. We aren't wanting a heavy line or what a lot of people would call a dip dye effect.

Blow dried it, then did the ombre effect again. This time with the ALL NEW Goldwell Elumen Teal tone. You have to be really careful when applying this. If you get any of it anywhere, it doesn't come out very well. (Clothes, scalp/skin, or the floor)

This is the finished result

IMG_0034 IMG_0035